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Deluxe Resort

As the lead designer on the project I set the design direction for the team, documented the design, presented to the client,and coordinated with the consultants and local architect. My primary design responsibilities were the site planning for the whole property, the guestwings in the Deluxe Resort, the villas and specialty restaurant in the Luxury Resort and the spa. A unique feature of the guestwings was a reverse herringbone layout which allowed for views from both the bedroom and bathroom of the guest room.
The island off Burau Bay is home to many migratory birds. The architecture takes its inspiration from those birds and the meaning of the name Langkawi. 
There are two resorts on the property, one a Deluxe Resort compromising of guestwing blocks, an all day dining, function facilities, a specialty restaurant and pool bar. The second a Luxury Resort is made up of villas with two restaurants and a wedding pavilion. There is also a shared spa between the two resorts.
Key Features: Contemporary architecture, two resorts, 264 guestroom keys, 60 villa keys

Deluxe Resort

 “Langkawi” translates to reddish brown eagle in colloquial Malay, and there are many seen soaring the skies over the cluster of 99 islands separated from the mainland of Malaysia. As the Burau Bay area is a favorite place of migratory birds in Langkawi, the architectural character of the resort is dedicated in the spirit of these birds. The abstract roof forms depict the wings of birds and long cantilevering overhangs will shade from the tropical heat. The traditional roof forms of Malaysian architecture is also visible in the roof shape and together create a symbiosis of both elements. Distinct in its design, exclusive in its features and set apart by its approach to uncompromising service, Burau Bay Resort is an inspirational coastal sancturay offering sophisticated luxury in every form and will approach each guest as an individual. A rejuvenating and enlightening haven nestled amongst the island’s oldest geological formation, sandy beach, aquamarine water, and beautiful sunset views. ​​​​​​​

Wedding Pavilion and Specialty Restaurant

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