Architecture | Designer
As a designer on the project I assisted in setting the design direction of the resort and presenting to the client. My primary design focus was on the lobby, ballroom, retail "street", kids club, and the adult pool & bar.
Inspired by local materials, the main design feature was the laterite stone walls and wood screens used in the architecture. 
Key Features: 125 key resort, 60 golf villas, local material, contemporary design
Goa Luxury Golf Resort & Residences in Tiracol, Goa will host guests from near and afar. Drawing in travelers with its distinct local flavor and the unique experience of Goan luxury. Perched on a cliff, this magnificent building and its history is the inspiration for this destination, which will become the backbone of the memories that will be created there for generations. Goa holds an inspirational character that weaves itself through its people, food, architecture, and history. Down to the finest detail, there is an evocative culture that is introduced through the local spices, the patterns that run through the traditional homes, the daily ways of life and pureness of the landscape. Our team has been inspired by Goa’s culture and history and looks to embrace it all within the new Goa Luxury Golf Resort & Residences, creating a destination that the people of region can be proud of and a place the celebrates the history of Goa in a contemporary form.
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