Masterplanning | Concept Architecture | Theming Guidelines | Lead Designer
Lead project designer for the masterplan, concept architecture, and design/theming guidelines for the hotel, waterpark and retail zones. 
Built upon reclaimed land, the Khor Fakkan Hotel & Waterpark took its design cues from the history of the area and also the site itself. With limited site area the design maximized views for the hotel while giving privacy to the waterpark guests. 
Key Features: thematic, 53,121sm site, 200 key hotel, 31,500sm waterpark, 900sm retail & entertainment
The Khor Fakkan Hotel & Water Park aims to create a unique integrated mixed use hotel and entertainment development for the residents of Khor Fakkan and nearby visitors. Set amongst the natural settings of the beach and mountain ranges, Khor Fakkan Hotel & Water Park will provide a luxurious, safe and inspiring environment for all. Design/Theming Guidelines for the architecture and landscape were created for each of the three major zones - waterpark, hotel and retail promenade. These guidelines outline the character for each area which closely relates to the historical background of the area as well as the story of Ismail and Mira that was written by the team to create a fanciful world of adventure and discovery for future visitors. The destination as a whole was to appear as though it was developed over time.  WATERPARK - While the architecture should be very traditional and rustic, the layout should appear almost haphazard and random with a playful feel. The pools and slides should nestle in between the old village buildings.   RETAIL/FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT - The retail and family entertainment centre components should appear as if they were additions to the original village. While not as heavily themed as the water park, the architecture should follow the traditional vernacular and the style of the village and be contextual to the region.  FAMILY HOTEL - Taking cues from history of the area, Portuguese architecture influenced the style of the fort. The hotel should have the appearance of an old fort that was retrofitted into a modern day hotel. Attention to specific details and features will become a particularly important point in the design of this building.
The hotel was later redesigned with fort-like architecture to reflect the region's Portuguese history.
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