Architecture | Lead Designer
As the lead designer I led the site planning and architectural direction of the resort and also documentation for schematic design.
The Riverside Conference Center and Hotel in West Java, Indonesia was designed from concept to schematic design. The challenge of designing a resort within the constraints of an existing golf course and a large banyan tree we wished to retain posed a unique situation. We solved this by breaking up the hotel into units that we could place strategically in the site. 

The challenge was to design a resort within an existing golf course while maintaining the aesthetic and functional quality of the golf environment, and preserving mature Banyan trees as integrated features of the design.  A campus design approach was employed—setting buildings back into the hillsides to reduce apparent size, and incorporating planted roofs and lush tropical gardens to screen and control views. Because of its steep hillside, a funicular was added to help the guests move up and down from the lobby to the guest rooms, spa, and pool area.  A treehouse bar is planned for one featured banyan tree.
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