Competition | Architecture | Lead Designer
A competition project on which I led the small design team as lead project designer. Roles included managing and scheduling the team, coordintation with the client, operator and renderer, and presentation to the client.
Our concept stemmed from the site itself, begining with the setting of the mountains and the lake, which led us to Shan Shui paintings and poetry. We wanted to create architecture which stood out, but also did not take away from the beauty by which it was surrounded. 
Studying the natural topography we placed the buildings in such a way as to minimize the impact to the site while providing views towards the lake. 
Main design responsibility for the site planning, courtyard guestrooms, hillside pool and pool bar, kids club, villa reception and spa, and lakeside pool.
Key Features: Competition, Iconic forms, Contemporary Chinese architecture, 167 guestroom keys, 46 villas

Lakeside View

Hillside Pool and Pool Bar

Courtyard Guestrooms

The Luxury Xianshan Resort in Qiandao Lake is designed to evoke a sense of calm and tranquillity. Inspired by the lush beauty of its surroundings and traditional Shan Shui paintings and poetry, the architecture of the resort brings those paintings to life. From the first moment guests arrive on the property, homage is paid to the site itself with carefully framed views of the lake, the islands in the distance and the mountains. Buildings like boughs of pine float above the tree tops, while smaller guest rooms and villas blend into the tree line, almost disappearing from view . The lobby, restaurants, and guest accommodations all are designed to give the mountains and lake the primary focus, and provide every opportunity for spectacular views. Creating a destination of restoration for the mind and body, the resort is designed to provide guests with ample choices to indulge. From gourmet dining venues, a rooftop Flair bar or even a floating event pavilion on the lake, to the destination spa, visitors to the resort can pamper themselves from the inside out. Reconnecting with nature and with each other, couples and families alike can enjoy time outdoors. An enchanted garden at the lobby, hilltop hiking trails with viewpoint pavilions for meditation and pools with prime vantage points take advantage of the mountains.
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